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⭐️ Teams are available on Pro and Enterprise plans.

A level between organizations and projects

A Team is an optional structural unit between Organizations and Projects.

With Teams, you can group the Projects of your Organizations into categories. All users who belong to a team gain access to the Projects under that Team. The Team can provide varying Membership levels to each Project.

Teams help you administrate k6 Organizations with a large number of users and projects. For example, a "Backend" Team could grant read-write access to all backend-related k6-cloud Projects, and a "Payment" Team might deal only with Projects for testing payment-related services. In this case, an Organization admin could add or remove users from these Teams (rather than doing so for each project).

You can mix Team membership with Project membership. If the access-level differs, k6 uses the higher membership. If you leave the Team, your regular Project membership does not change.

You must still specify the projectID in cloud scripts.

The team that the project belongs to is never referenced in k6 scripts. Refer to Projects for examples.

Necessary organization structure and permissions

To add Teams and Team members, you need the following:

Managing teams

To manage teams from k6 Cloud, use the left sidebar and select Teams.

Team menu

Creating a team

To create a new team:

  1. Select the Create new team button.
  2. Give the team an organization-unique name, and assign at least one project. You can also add an optional description.

Creating a new Team

Selected projects can provide different accesses:

  • Read/Write access allows Team members to view, create, and edit test runs in the Project. They cannot delete or rename the Project itself.
  • Read-only access allows Team members to look at test data but not modify or create new test-runs.

Inviting a user to a Team

Once the Team has been created, select it in your list of Teams and press Invite members. You can invite only existing members of your Organization. When adding one or more member, consider what Team-level access they should have. Every batch of members you invite will join with the same Team-level role.

Inviting a new team member

  • All Team members gain access to all Projects linked to that Team (according to the Project accesses you set up for the Team)
  • Team admins can modify the Team itself (change name and description) and also invite or remove members from the Team.
  • Team members are read-only and can't modify the Team itself. They can use the Team only to access its Projects.

Don't confuse the Team access level with the Project access level granted by the Team! Most members just need read only Team access.

Managing team members

Once members are added, they appear in the list. Organization admins and Team admins can add or remove users from a team.

Managing Team members in Team member listing