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The Thresholds page helps you track and manage all your organization’s thresholds. You can easily find tests with failing thresholds, check which project they belong to, their current status and history, and if there are patterns that need your attention.

The Thresholds page can be found in the Manage section of the left menu.

Full UI

It can be broken down into:

Filtering section (highlighted in green)
This is where you can narrow down the results by filtering by: Projects, Status and Period.

Overview section (highlighted in blue)
In this section you see the overview numbers of all your organization's thresholds.

Threshold listing (highlighted yellow)
Here are the thresholds and their accompanying data.

StatusCurrent status of the threshold as per its last test run indicated by a checkmark or cross for pass or fail respectively.
ThresholdThreshold metric name and criteria.
ProjectThe project to which the threshold test belongs to.
TestThe name of the test of the threshold with a link to its most recent run.
Last runThe time the test was last run.
Fail rateThe number of threshold failures vs. the number of times the test of the threshold has been run.
HistoryHistory chart that visualizes the threshold results for the last 10 test runs.

See Also

For more information about thresholds and how to use them in your tests, please refer to our documentation.