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Pricing questions

This document contains some of our most frequently asked questions about Pricing. If your question isn't answered here, please contact support.


Does k6 have a concept of VU Hours?

Yes, we have introduced this concept in Custom and Enterprise level Annual subscriptions. For more info, reach out to our sales team.

What tests count against my monthly limit?

Only tests executed from or streamed to the k6 cloud will count against your total number of tests. Specifically tests run with the cloud command or -o cloud flag. e.g. k6 cloud myScript.js or k6 run myScript.js -o cloud.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime you want during the subscription term. You will not be charged beyond the month you cancel for monthly subscriptions. Service will be retained at the subscribed level until the last day of the subscription term.

Do plans auto renew?

Yes - our online plans will auto renew, however they can be canceled at any time in app, for any reason.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

Yes - You can upgrade or downgrade.

Upgrades result in a prorated amount being applied towards your new plan. For example, if you are 15 days into a month and upgrade, about 50% of your current subscription would be applied towards the new plan's cost.

Downgrades are charged immediately but do not start until the next billing cycle. You retain the ability to test with your current plan until the next billing cycle starts.

Do you offer discounts for: Non-profits? Gov't organizations? Education institutions? Start-ups?

Yes we offer discounts on our base subscriptions. Please contact sales to confirm your eligibility and a custom quote.

Can I specify a billing contact to receive monthly receipts?

Yes - within the billing menu, you can specify a billing email address. We will send a copy of the receipt to this email upon each renewal.

How do I get an invoice/receipt for my purchase?

These are located in the billing menu

To get a invoice/receipt for your purchase:

  1. Select the drop down next to your name in app -> billing.
  2. Scroll down to the “Payments” category.
  3. View receipt.

You can choose to either save or print the receipt. Your receipt number is considered your invoice number.

My receipt details aren't correct, help!

Please update the billing details in the billing menu. This will regenerate the receipts with proper address, company name and other details.

I've been charged VAT but have a valid VAT number

For Swedish organizations - we must charge this as we are based in Sweden.

For other EU organizations - please be sure to enter your VAT number in the billing menu. If you have forgotten to add your VAT number and it is the same calendar month as your charge, please contact support for potential options on adjusting the charge.

Can I pay with a PO or Wire transfer?

Yes - please contact sales or support to initiate the process.

Do you offer professional services or help with scripting?

Yes - we have a professional services team to help your organization with your performance testing projects.