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k6 Cloud documentation

What is the k6 Cloud?

The k6 Cloud is a commercial SaaS product that we’ve designed to be the perfect companion to k6 OSS. It brings ease-of-use and convenience to your performance and load testing.

This knowledge base will help you learn how to use the features and functionality of the k6 Cloud:

  • Running cloud tests.
  • Analyzing results.
  • Managing projects, teams and users.
  • Integrations.
  • FAQ.

How can it help me?

The k6 Cloud is a premium service to empower your team to manage your load testing efforts:

  • Scaling your load tests.
  • Storing and visualizing your test results.
  • Detecting performance issues.
  • Correlating results between different tests.
  • Organizing testing in a central location.
We want you to spend time building and maintaining well-performing applications. Don’t saddle your team with the additional maintenance burden of your load testing infrastructure.

Cloud Features

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