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k6 Cloud documentation

What is k6 Cloud?

The k6 Cloud is a commercial SaaS product that we’ve designed to be the perfect companion to k6 OSS. It brings ease of use, team management, and continuous testing capabilities to your performance testing projects.

The k6 Cloud docs help you learn and use the features and functionality of k6 Cloud:

  • Run cloud tests.
  • Analyze results.
  • Manage performance-testing projects across your organization.
  • Integrate with other services.
  • Manage teams, users, and permissions.

For introductory videos, check out the k6 Cloud Playlist 🎥 .

How can it help me?

The k6 Cloud is a premium service to empower your team to manage your load testing efforts:

  • Scaling your load tests.
  • Storing and visualizing your test results.
  • Detecting performance issues.
  • Correlating results between different tests.
  • Organizing testing in a central location.
We want you to spend time building and maintaining well-performing applications. Don’t saddle your team with the additional maintenance burden of your load testing infrastructure.

Cloud Features

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