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Manage subscription

To view or update your subscription, select your profile icon, then Manage > Subscriptions. The subscription menu outlines your current plan limits and shows how many tests remain in your current period.

View subscription

In the subscription view, note your current active subscription and any add-ons you may have.

To find usage for the current period, use the counter in the right corner.

subscription rules

Upgrade subscription

If you paid online with a credit card, you can upgrade anytime. We will prorate your existing subscription towards the cost of a new one.

Downgrade subscription

To downgrade your subscription, select a new plan at any time. We will bill the new cost immediately and start the new plan at the end of your current period.

Cancel subscription

You can cancel your online subscription at any time through the web app. If you cancel, you can use your plan through the end of the current period.

Retain data

When you cancel, you can opt in to Data Retention to save your result data longer-term or between projects.

If you don't choose data retention, k6 clears all test-result data seven days after your subscription expires.