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Usage Reports

Usage report helps you keep track of everything happening in your team’s project and quickly follow the activity of your performance testing projects.

⭐️ Usage reports are available on annual Pro and Enterprise plans.

The page can be found in the left menu under the Manage section.

On this page you will be presented with both organization and project statistics, lets break down what we are looking at.

Section highlighted in green
This is the filtering section, here is where you narrow down the result by fields projects, contributors and time interval.

Section highlighted in blue
This section presents overview statistics for your organization.

Section highlighted in yellow
Here are statistics for each individual project.

Full UI

ProjectThe project for which the stats to the right are collected from.
Total test runsTotal count of test runs started.
Test fail rateThe rate of failed tests in the project.
*What is a failed test?
Total test runs durationCumulative sum of time spent running tests.
Most recent test runLink to the most recent test run in the project.
ContributorsAll members that have started tests in the project

*Which tests add to the fail rate statistic?

  • The test was aborted by any of the following statuses (Aborted system, Aborted limit, Aborted user, Aborted threshold or Aborted script error)
  • The test ran to completion but there were failing thresholds (specified by the user).
    Read how to add thresholds to your tests.
  • The test timed out.