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Using Projects

Projects can be considered a filing system which you use to organize your tests on a per organization level. They are flexible enough to allow you to use them in a way that makes sense to you, but simple enough to not lose information in a deep nested structure.

Here are some ways we have seen users utilize Projects to stay organized:

  • Per team: Each team is given their own project for them to do their work and collaborate
  • Per component: A project is created for each component or service you're testing
  • Per brand: E-commerce customers may want to use projects per brand to stay organized
  • Per Customer: When dealing with custom software, you may wish to organize by customer to ensure each unique system is tested
  • Per Major Release: After your systems go through a major change, you may wish to create a new project to organize the most recent data

To learn more how to manage users on an organization or a project level check out Members.

Running CLI Tests in a Specific Project

By default, triggering a test from the CLI sets the test run in the default project of your default organization.

Note that you can change the default project of your default organization on the account settings.

If you want to set the test run in a different project, for example, one project used by your team that uses a company subscription. Then, you need to specify the projectID setting.

You can grab the project ID from the top left corner of the dashboard:

Test result navigation

Then, modify your script to add the projectID to the Cloud execution options:

export const options = {
ext: {
loadimpact: {
projectID: 3479144,