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The extension ecosystem enables developers and testers to extend k6 to cover use cases not supported natively in the core. Explore the endless possibilities of k6 using extensions from the table below. Common use cases include:
  • Adding support for testing new protocols
  • Using clients to communicate with other systems in your test, or
  • Making an expensive part of your test more performant by writing it in Go and consuming it from your tests using JavaScript
Ready to put together your own bespoke k6 binary containing the features you need? Head over to the bundle builder to get started!
xk6-amqpAMQP plugin, tested with RabbitMQ
xk6-ansible-vaultEncrypt and decrypt Ansible Vault
xk6-avroWork with messages using Avro data format
xk6-browserBrowser automation and end-to-end web testing
xk6-cableTest Action Cable and AnyCable functionality
xk6-cacheEnable vendoring remote HTTP modules to a single source-control-friendly file
xk6-chaosRun chaos experiments 💣
xk6-client-prometheus-remoteTest Prometheus Remote Write performance
xk6-cognitoGet a cognito access token using USER_SRP_AUTH flow
xk6-counterShare and increment a counter between VUs
xk6-cryptoUse extended crypto functions
xk6-csvParse CSV values
xk6-dashboardCreate a web-based metrics dashboard
xk6-datadogQuery Datadog metrics
xk6-distributed-tracingDistributed tracing
xk6-dotenvLoad env vars from a .env file
xk6-encodingComfortably parse CSV values in tests
xk6-execRun external commands
xk6-fakerGenerate random fake data
xk6-fileWrite files
xk6-interpretInterpret Go code
xk6-joseJavascript Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) standards
xk6-kafkaLoad-test Apache Kafka. Includes support for Avro messages
xk6-kubernetesInteract with Kubernetes clusters
xk6-kvShare key-value data between VUs
xk6-lokiClient for load testing Loki
xk6-mllpSimple MLLP sender for k6
xk6-mockMock HTTP(S) servers
xk6-mqttmqtt extension
xk6-natsProvides NATS support for k6 tests
xk6-notificationCreate notifications
xk6-output-errorAdd more information into StdErr k6 about requests
xk6-output-influxdbExport results to InfluxDB v2
xk6-output-kafkaExport k6 results in real-time to Kafka
xk6-output-prometheus-remoteExport results to Prometheus remote write endpoints
xk6-output-timescaledbExport k6 results to TimescaleDB
xk6-playwrightBrowser automation and end-to-end web testing using Playwright
xk6-pubsubGoogle PubSub
xk6-redisClient for testing Redis
xk6-sqlLoad-test SQL Servers (PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite3 for now)
xk6-sqsProduce to an SQS queue
xk6-stompClient for STOMP protocol
xk6-tcpSend data to TCP port
xk6-telegramInteract with Telegram Bots
xk6-tomlEncode and decode TOML values
xk6-urlParse and normalize URLs
xk6-wampAdd support for WAMP protocol
xk6-yamlEncode and decode YAML values