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I was invited to an organization and I cannot run tests

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The Organizations, Projects, and Team Member functionality enables account administrators to organize and control access to their k6 account and subscription for collaboration purposes. However, newly invited members, not being familiar with this structure, sometimes ask us questions or get stuck when trying to run tests.

For example:

I was invited to an organization with a subscription. However, When I try to run tests, I get an error that my subscription doesn't have enough Virtual Users/exceeds the duration/uses too many load zones. Our subscription allows for the test I want to run. What is wrong and how do I fix this?

It's important to note that every user in k6 is an owner of organization. Organizations can contain multiple Projects. Each Project can contain multiple tests. k6 subscriptions are associated with an Organization. In almost all cases, this error is a result of trying to run a test in an Organization without a subscription (likely your own default organization).

How do I change my Organization to fix this?

In the web interface

If you are running tests from the web interface, you will need to use the menu in the left side bar, to select a project within the organization with a subscription. The ogranization can be changed from the dropdown User menu in the top left corner. In the image below, our user is a member of two organizations, "LoadImpact" and "Second Organization". In this example "LoadImpact" is our primary organization associated with the users account and "Second Organization" is one which the user has been invited to. In order to run tests using the subscription that was purchased and associated with "Second Organization" we would need to select a Project associated with it. Once you have selected the Project, the project ID will be displayed below the project name in your main overview (top left). You can simply click the copy button next to it.

Select a project

From the command line

If you are using k6 to trigger tests from the command line, you will need to specify, in your test configuration, the project that should be used to run a test. By default, k6 will use the default Organization and default Project associated with a users account. In order to do this, the projectID must be set as a test configuration option within the ext object of your script.

export let options = {
ext: {
loadimpact: {
projectID: 123456,