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k6 can also push the metrics to a StatsD service like:

$ k6 run --out statsd script.js

The following options can be configured:

K6_STATSD_ADDRAddress of the statsd service, currently only UDP is supported. The default value is localhost:8125.
K6_STATSD_NAMESPACEThe namespace used as a prefix for all the metric names. The default value is k6.
K6_STATSD_PUSH_INTERVALConfigure how often data batches are sent. The default value is 1s.
K6_STATSD_BUFFER_SIZEThe buffer size. The default value is 20.
K6_STATSD_ENABLE_TAGSIf true enables sending tags. false by default as old versions of statsd, prior to v0.9.0 did not support tags.
K6_STATSD_TAG_BLOCKLISTThis is a comma-separated list of tags that should NOT be sent to statsd. For example, "tag1,tag2". The default value is vu,iter,url.