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IntelliSense refers to code editing features like intelligent code completion and quick access to documentation. These features can significantly improve the developer experience and productivity when working on k6 scripts in your editor of choice.

k6 has its TypeScript Type Definition that you can configure with your editor to unlock code editing features.

Visual Studio Code

In Visual Studio Code, IntelliSense can provide with:

  • Auto-completion of k6 functions, methods, and classes.
  • Auto imports of k6 modules.
  • Access to k6 documentation when writing and hovering code.


A way to configure IntelliSense in VS Code to recognize the k6 JavaScript API is to install the k6 Types with a package manager. For example:

# create a `package.json` file
$ npm init --yes
# install the k6 types as dev dependency
$ npm install --save-dev @types/k6

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