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Carvana Speeds Up Test Creation by 100% with k6 Cloud Enterprise

customer case study

Carvana Speeds Up Test Creation by 100% with k6 Cloud Enterprise

fuboTV Tackles Performance Regressions Before Production

customer case study

fuboTV Tackles Performance Regressions Before Production

Olo Delivers Faster Testing and Improved Collaboration with k6

customer case study

Olo Delivers Faster Testing and Improved Collaboration with k6

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@k6_io thank you for creating an amazing open source product. I wrote my own thread ripper for load testing and you just saved my socks with the integration tools you have by default. Anyone looking to do load testing highly recommend using k6. It also reminds me of snowboarding.

It's time for me to once again sing the praises of @k6_io. If you've ever written a load test I think you'll likely agree it is the grungiest of grungy tasks. k6 makes it fun. It's like Greasemonkey for load testing. Cannot recommend enough.

I'm 90% complet on my #PoC and in my professional opinion @k6_io is definitely a #gamechanger for #performance #testing allows #shiftleft excellent #docs support 4 #Docker #javascript custom #metrics and establish #thresholds to pass/fail #cicd builds for both #webui & #API

I've toyed with a few load testing tools over the years, but only today tried @k6_io, and wow, is it pleasant to use. Haven't tried the hosted version, but for quick and easy CLI stuff, absolutely wonderful.

Toying around with @k6_io tonight. Pretty impressed with how easy it is to set up (yay @Docker!) and to start building test scripts. Some early results:

I love products like @k6_io - very technical and geeky domain, yet the product is extremely user friendly and you can understand and start using it within *seconds*, not even minutes. Great job.

personally using @k6_io and its has helped us quite a lot already. Definitely worth adding to your testing pipeline.

Lately I have been using @k6_io for performance testing the RESTful APIs we build and I simply fell in love with it. It so simple and easy to use, i highly recommend it!!

Loving @k6_io for integrating perf tests into @AzureDevOps pipelines. Great documentation, easy to use..

So @k6_io is probably my new favourite tool. Super quick to get set up and running load tests 😻

For anyone interested in load / stress testing, I’ve been using @k6_io recently and has been an absolute pleasure. Script up your flow using JS and away you go. Load tests in source control FTW. API for build sever runs too, beautiful.

Holly Molly, using @k6_io to do stress test and send the metrics to #DataDog on real time, amazing tool.

Open source and written in #golang

Wow! @k6_io for API testing is super duper, amazingly easy to use and powerful. To get it up and going, took minutes even with oAuth2.

Customer Quotes

At GitLab we use k6 in various ways. Our Quality team use it as the base of their GitLab Performance Tool (GPT) for testing the performance of GitLab itself and it's also used in GitLab's Load Performance Testing feature. When starting out with performance testing, we quickly realized that we didn’t need to reinvent the wheel from a technology perspective because k6 met our needs: It's modern, scripted in javascript allowing for good flexibility, built on Go so it is very performant, and is an open source solution.

We can develop very dynamic scenarios with all the logic and customized metrics that one can think of. The k6 open source platform is quite straightforward and its configuration are fairly easy to implement in our scripts. Running scalable tests locally or using the cloud support is a breeze. k6 Cloud provides us with great knowledge and real-time graph to analyze every detail of our projects' performance trends.

Performance and reliability of our platform are of the utmost importance for Olo, our brands, and our partners. As a result, k6 has become an integral part of our test stack. k6 helps us quickly experiment with new ideas and verify that releases are production-ready.

We love the flexibility of k6. It can be adapted to provide whatever information we need, no matter how unique to our platform the situation is. We now have a performance testing framework which tells us exactly what our teams need to know and keeps a watchful eye on our code base for any performance issues that might slip in.

The success of a performance testing tool in large projects hinges on how it can be shared. k6 open source engine model is the key to achieve this. At the same time, its commercial cloud scaling enables you to push your application to its limit. k6 Javascript tests allows you to develop complex tests and debug performance problems across your organization. The engine is modern; you can feel the maturity of the design and its APIs. The Cloud user interface is intuitive and powerful. This praise would not be complete without underlining how quickly you can get up a running; in part to the efficient documentation and great support.

I found that K6 has low footprint in RAM and CPU consumption. Also K6 allow us to share the coding with developers, either Frontend or Backend programmers, since K6 scripts are written in Javascript. And I saw that I don't need to worry about heap sizes, as Golang leverages all the RAM and CPU power in a native way.

Overall, k6 strikes a good balance between scripting flexibility and execution performance. k6 also offers a comprehensive ecosystem beyond the test runner.

Very good load testing platform. We as a retailer got tremendous help with the load testing to survive Black Friday 2019. Biggest plus is that the tests can be run from command line, and are configured with code.

k6 Cloud Enterprise has enabled our quality engineering team to build more confident testing and streamline the process for deployment of new features and products, creating an all-around first-class experience for our customers.

I have used other testing tools like Apache Benchmark, Jmeter, Gatling, and Postman, but k6 outshines them all with its ease of writing workflows using various operations provided by a service. Adding field validations, asserting outputs, generating dynamic dataset, and debugging the tests were all likewise very easy compared to other tools I have used in the past.

The engineering effort of writing tests for just one of our microservices was going to be 2+ Engineering weeks in JMeter, versus the ½ day it took us in k6!

I'm very impressed by k6. I've tested a few load testing tools before, but k6 is by far the fanciest. 🎉

I would gladly recommend this to anyone needing to load test their endpoints. We were using Gatling at work to do load testing and it was very slow to develop in it as we were lacking experience in scala. We found this and never looked back. The impact it had on benchmarking, profiling and tuning the servers was massive. I’m pretty sure the company saves a few thousand dollars every month till today because of those optimizations.


Abhishek Choudhary

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Harith Bakhrani

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k6 - Load Testing Tool

I had been assigned the task of running Load Tests on a website. I know that JMeter is available in the market and I have used it before, but I still did a quick search on google on how I can run Load Tests on a web app.

I came across k6 product and fell in love with it (yes, love at first sight exists). It enables you to write tests in JS while providing you with the ability to simulate a real-world case scenario. Not only this, but it also enables you to set a performance threshold based on percentile, for example, you can set an expectation that you want 99% of the requests to complete within 5 seconds.

Have I mentioned that they have wonderful documentation? Yes, their documentation is easy to follow and navigate, check it out via

And you don't have to install k6, you can use Docker to try it out!

Nayan Choudhary

Technology Enthusiast, Architect, Coach, Agile Modeler

Naeem Malik

Test Engineer at TransPerfect

Today I discovered that K6 is an open-source load testing library. It is easy to install and use. It is also available as a SaaS in the cloud.

It looks pretty cool to me. Maybe I will be exploring it or using it in future or not, but still I though I'll share it with my friends on LinkedIn. Just to brighten up your day.

Feel free to share insights about K6 and other load testing tools. Would love to know more.

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