Like unit-testing, for performance

  docker pull loadimpact/k6
  cat script.js
  import { check } from "k6";
  import http from "k6/http";
  export default function() {
      let res = http.get("");
      check(res, {
          "is status 200": (r) => r.status === 200
  docker run -i loadimpact/k6 run -u 10 -d 30s -< script.js

k6 is a developer centric open source load and performance regression testing tool for testing the performance of your cloud native backend infrastructure: APIs, microservices, serverless, containers and websites. It’s built to integrate well into your development workflow and CI/CD automation pipelines.



Written in Go and JavaScript, built to integrate well into the modern developer workflow and automation pipelines.



Primarily for load testing, k6 also works for functional testing of APIs and microservices with its powerful JS ES6 based scripting API.


User friendly

Straightforward CLI, sharing many UX aspects with the DevOps tools you already use and love.


A short demo recording showing a simple k6 test script, test execution and summary results.

Demo of a open source load testing tool k6

Import from other open source tools

We have built tools to convert your existing JMeter tests and Postman collections.

Postman load testing

Reuse your existing Postman collections to load test with k6


Postman to k6

Go to repo
JMeter XML to k6 JS

Convert your existing JMeter tests to k6 JavaScript

Apache JMeter

JMeter to k6

Go to repo

Result Storage and Analysis

k6 can output more granular metrics than what is printed on stdout by default.
There are both open source options as well as a SaaS option from Load Impact, the creators of k6.

InfluxDB + Grafana

Use InfluxDB for data storage and Grafana for visualization and building dashboards.

k6 result storage and visualization with InfluxDB and Grafana


  • Flexible querying of data
  • Tools you might have already adopted
  • No dependence on cloud/SaaS

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Load Impact Insights

Use Load Impact SaaS for result storage, automated analysis and performance trending in the cloud.

k6 result storage and visualization with Load Impact Insights


  • No infrastructure to manage
  • Machine-assisted result analysis
  • Performance trending over time
  • Distributed cloud execution across 12 load zones
  • Easily share test results with team members
  • Notifications to Slack and Webhook
  • Free subscriptions for qualifying OSS projects!

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Need help or want to contribute?

Types of questions and where to ask.

How do I? -- StackOverflow (use tags: k6, javascript, load-testing) or the Discourse forum at

I got this error, why? -- StackOverflow or

I got this error and I'm sure it's a bug -- file an issue

I have an idea/request -- file an issue

Why do you? -- Slack

When will you? -- Slack

I want to contribute/help with development — Start here, then Slack and issues