k6 Open Source

An extensible load testing tool built for developer happiness

Easy to use APIs and CLI

For modern engineering teams. The k6 API and CLI are designed to be intuitive, flexible, and powerful.

Write tests in Javascript

Build realistic load tests using a familiar scripting language. Reuse modules and Javascript libraries to better build and maintain your test suite.

Automated testing

Integrate performance tests in your CI/CD tool and set up pass/fail criteria to ensure reliability goals. Proactively test your SLOs.

High-performance tool

The k6 engine is written in Go making it one of the best performing load testing tools available.

Multiple choices for storage

"Big Tent" interoperability is in our DNA!
k6 can output test results to various backends like DataDog, Prometheus, NewRelic, Timescale, etc.

Beyond load testing

Community extensions open new options to test infrastructure's performance: SQL, Browser, Kafka, Kubernetes, Chaos, MQTT, and more.

Effortless scaling

Build and debug locally, scale to the cloud. Run the same test on your local machine, in a distributed cluster, or k6 Cloud.

Are you ready to try k6?

Free to run on your infrastructure.