Comparing k6 OSS and k6 Cloud

  • Test creation

    Scripting, test builder, browser recorders and converters

    Scripting, test builder, browser recorders and converters

  • Test orchestration & execution

    Not included(k6-operator / Self-managed)

    Instant distributed execution. Scale with confidence

  • Storage

    Not included- ...

    Fully managed

  • Data collation

    Not included(Requires data processing)

    Fully managed

  • Visualization

    Not included- ...

    Dashboards, intuitive visualizations, rich UI and additional integrations

  • Result analysis

    Manual interpretation and analysis, custom data processing

    Automatic performance analysis to surface reliability issues

  • Integrations

    Community driven(Self-managed)

    k6 extensions not supported. Notifications, REST API

  • Collaborative features

    Not included

    Collaborative workspaces, reports and enterprise access control

  • Security

    Not included

    Enterprise-grade security, availability and compliance

  • Support

    Not included

    Premium support

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