k6 Open Source Stewardship

  • Load Impact is a for-profit organization that offers a cloud-based load testing SaaS offering at
  • k6 is a community-built open source project, with a project site at and a software repository at
  • Load Impact is the initiator of, and an active participant in, the k6 open-source project, trying to serve its needs and lead by example.


Load Impact is a for profit organization, and recognizes that there is a need to balance this requirement with the needs of the k6 open source project. In the longer run, we strongly believe that those two needs will rarely be in conflict.

With k6, our goal has always been to create the best load testing tool for the modern working developer and that we do this in collaboration with the k6 community. Our revenue will not come from k6 directly, but from premium value creating offers based on k6. These offers will be made available at the k6 Cloud SaaS product.

Our SaaS offering will have focus on providing further simplicity, productivity and ease to use functionality. These stems out of the results generated by running k6 either locally or in the cloud, exemplified in cloud based data storage, multiple types of advanced results analysis and collaboration features.

We believe the key to Load Impact’s long-term success as a Company is to foster an active community of users around k6 as an open source project. To achieve this long-term goal, it is vital that we do not withhold new features from k6 based on whether or not they compete with our SaaS offering.

Our promises

  • To never block or remove features from k6 in order to make them exclusive to the k6 Cloud SaaS product.
  • Strive not to delay introduction of new features in the k6 OSS tool, if the feature was planned to appear both there and in the k6 Cloud SaaS product.
  • To never introduce into the k6 OSS tool any artificial limits designed to promote conversion to Load Impact’s SaaS product.
  • To work with the community, participating in and prioritize building the functionality the k6 community wants, making it the prefered tool for load testing.