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k6 is a great framework that's really enabled us to move quickly with load/performance testing. k6 Cloud has been a major upgrade in comparison to previous testing service — total test runs, quick and helpful responses to our support inquiries, good visualization of test results, active k6 community.

We can develop very dinamic scenarios with all the logic and customized metrics that one can think of. The k6 open source platform is quite straightforward and its configuration are fairly easy to implement in our scripts. Running scalable tests locally or using the cloud support is a breeze. k6 Cloud provides us with great knowledge and real-time graph to analyze every detail our projects' performance trends.

Overall, k6 strikes a good balance between scripting flexibility and execution performance. k6 also offers a comprehensive ecosystem beyond the test runner.

The success of a performance testing tool in large projects hinges on how it can be shared. k6 open source engine model is the key to achieve this. At the same time, its commercial cloud scaling enables you to push your application to its limit. k6 Javascript tests allows you to develop complex tests and debug performance problems across your organization. The engine is modern; you can feel the maturity of the design and its APIs. The Cloud user interface is intuitive and powerful. This praise would not be complete without underlining how quickly you can get up a running; in part to the efficient documentation and great support.

Best bang for the buck, well documented, and the code is available/open to the public. I would recommend Load Impact for any big or small projects.

Very good load testing platform. We as a retailer got tremendous help with the load testing to survive Black Friday 2019. Biggest plus is that the tests can be run from command line, and are configured with code.

We love the flexibility of k6. It can be adapted to provide whatever information we need, no matter how unique to our platform the situation is. We now have a performance testing framework which tells us exactly what our teams need to know and keeps a watchful eye on our code base for any performance issues that might slip in.

LoadImpact takes away the pain of setting up complex and distributed infrastructure to load test our application. It's a simple setup and doesn't need much maintenance (write once and reuse every year with a few config changes). The best part of Load Impact is the scheduler which helps us test during times with low user impact (internal and external). I'll definitely recommend their service to anyone who wants to run load tests quickly.

Feature-rich and easy-to-use load testing platform

Get everything your team needs to get your performance testing on the right track.

Powerful scripting

Write your test in Javascript. Reuse modules and Javascript libraries to maintain your test suite.

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Browser recorder

Auto-generate your load test from a recorded HAR or browser session.

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Test Builder

Use the k6 Cloud UI to facilitate the creation of your load test.

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Seamless scaling to the cloud

Designed to use the same test in a local, distributed or cloud environment.

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Automated testing

Designed for automating your performance tests. Get Pass/Fail alerts on your SLOs.

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Performance analysis

Get a convenient overview of your test results to quickly identify performance issues.

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Compare performance results

Get performance trends over time, and compare results between different tests.

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Teams & Projects

Bring teams together into performance testing projects.

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Automatically provision users with SAML Single Sign-on.

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