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How It Works

Same script for local and cloud tests

Built for teams


  • The k6 API and CLI are intuitive and powerful.

  • Write realistic load tests in Javascript.

DevOps & SRE

  • Automate your tests to ensure that your infrastructure and application remain performant.

  • Host it yourself or leverage the cloud.


  • Extensive documentation, awesome community and first class support.

  • Bring teams together into performance testing.

Powerful Scripting

No XML. No DSL. Just familiar scripting with ES6 JS

import http from 'k6/http';
import {check, sleep} from 'k6';

export default function() {
  const data = {username: 'username', password: 'password'};
  let res ='', data);
    check(res, { 'success login': (r) => r.status === 200 });

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What our users are saying

@k6_io I love you ❤️ this is the second time you helped us track down a nasty bug in @grafana that only happens under heavy load. Thank you for a great tool! Btw I've heard our offices are close by, we should definitely meet up sometime...

Code-driven, JavaScript load tests that fit into our existing tool chain, clean APIs, command line so easy to automate and with a flag can run the same load test from the cloud in multiple locations. Haven’t had time to blog about it but k6 came out top of multiple tools tested

Toying around with @k6_io tonight. Pretty impressed with how easy it is to set up (yay @Docker!) and to start building test scripts. Some early results:

I have been working with it's nicer compared to other load testing frameworks I have used.

I've been tinkering with load testing recently and discovered @loadimpact. I'm absolutely loving it! I got up and running in minutes. Its UI is intuitive, and being based on JS makes it a breeze to start writing tests. That's not even mentioning the amazing open source k6! 😍

personally using @k6_io and its has helped us quite a lot already. Definitely worth adding to your testing pipeline.

Just discovered @k6_io very nice and simple tool for load testing

Old faithful JMeter, but we've also used @LoadImpact in the past which I'd highly recommend

@LoadImpact it's great stuff. My fav load testing I've found to date