Updates & News 09 May 2018

Load Impact launches Insights

It is with great excitement that we announce the launch and general availability of Load Impact Insights, the cloud based results storage, analysis and collaboration product for k6 load tests.

Ever since the first early beta release, some 10 months ago, the team has worked hard to iron out bugs and scale the streaming and analysis of k6 results data, and now we’re here! 🎉

Load Impact Insights

Developer-centric load testing

Insights is a central piece of our new developer-centric load testing platform, the other two major components being k6, our open source load testing tool, and distributed cloud execution of k6 tests on the k6.io SaaS platform. The latter is still in private beta.

The new k6-based Load Impact solution is geared towards modern engineering teams where developers and testers collaborate on load testing (aka performance testing), usually at different stages of the dev cycle. To make that possible, the load testing tools used must be acceptable to developers, and that is what we are aiming to achieve with k6, Insights, and in the near future, distributed cloud execution for k6 tests on Load Impact infrastructure.

The launch of Insights is significant as it is the first step to make Load Impact load testing available across a wider set of use cases. With the advent of k6 you now have access to a solution for local/on-premises/behind-the-firewall performance testing, and results can easily be streamed to Insights for storage, analysis, sharing and trending.

Local testing is an ideal use model for developers who can incorporate load testing as part of their Continuous Integration process. More frequent tests early in the design cycle will allow developers to find and fix performance issues more quickly and efficiently. This allows dev teams to deliver better performing websites, apps and APIs faster.

Read more about Insights and see the available subscription plans here.

Lua based product

The current Lua based Load Impact load testing product offering will continue to operate and be supported as usual for the foreseeable future. It is also currently the only publicly available option we support for running geographically distributed cloud-based load tests. Stay tuned for the announcement of our k6 based solution for cloud execution - coming soon!


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