Updates & News 06 May 2022

From the newsletter - k6 v0.38.0, GrafanaCONline, news, and more

Wei Li

This spring seemed to fly by, but not without some exciting announcements and a little celebrating! Check out the latest news.

🙌 v0.38.0 released

k6 v0.38.0 is here! This release primarily contains support of a new AWS JS client, maintenance efforts, and a variety of improvements.

The new AWS JS client, K6-jslib-aws lets you interact with AWS S3 and Secret Manager from your k6 script. Read more about this new library in the k6 documentation

Sample code for using the new AWS JS client

Some other improvements include:

  • A better way to tag k6 stages

  • Add the ability to decrypt k6 traffic

  • Access consolidated options through the exec.test.options

  • Logs now print the content of objects and arrays

  • Disable output colors through an environment variable

  • Prevent starting a test with errors on the threshold configuration

  • Passphrase-protected TLS private keys

For a full list of new features, check out Release Notes.

Want to hear directly from the k6 developers about the new k6 v0.38 OSS release? We are hosting a k6 Community Call on Friday, May 20, 2022. Come and join us!

✨ New in k6 Cloud

  • Private load zones let you start tests on k6 Cloud but have them execute on your own cloud infrastructure, provisioned within AWS.
  • We have also been improving k6 Cloud App for Grafana including simplifying the installation experience. Click here for a list of improvements and watch this Office Hour to hear directly from the engineers who built it.

🌐 xk6-browser 

xk6-browser is our extension for browser automation to test end-to-end websites. The team has been working hard to bring new APIs and stabilize the project. Many community members have been using xk6-browser for the last few months, and we have received a ton of great feedback. 

If you want to know what's new, v0.3.0 is very close. And in the spirit of transparency and building together with the community, we share its roadmap publicly with our short, mid, and long-term goals. 

In this video, we walk you through how to get started with xk6-browser.

🌱 k6chaijs

k6chaijs is a new assertion library that provides chainable assertions with expect . It's an alternative to check() and group().

k6chaijs handles Javascript exceptions automatically, making your test code resilient to failures.

chaijs code sample

⚙️ k6 Extensions

  • Event loops and gRPC are now supported in Extensions.
  • xk6-websockets: new extension using event loops and enabling a single VU to have multiple concurrent connections for better performance.
  • xk6-kubernetes: query nodes, schedule jobs, create pods, run commands, ephemeral containers and more foundational work. 

📣 GrafanaCONline 2022

We’ve got over 30 exciting sessions planned for our biggest Grafana community event of the year including Grafana k6: Testing without Limits on June 17: This talk will provide an overview of the extensibility provided by k6 and its ecosystem of more than 50 extensions. 

View the full agenda and register now.

Grafana k6: Testing without limits promo image

🎉 Award

G2 recognized k6 as a High Performer in the load testing category. Kudos to the entire k6 team and community! 

Award from G2 for k6

🗞️ Must-reads

Happy testing!

-The k6 team

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