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The aws module is a JavaScript library that wraps around some Amazon AWS services API.

The library exposes a couple of configuration and client classes allowing to interact with a subset of AWS services in the context of k6 load test scripts:

  • EventBridge: a class to send custom events to Amazon EventBridge.
  • KMSClient: a class to list and generate keys from the AWS Key Management Service.
  • S3Client: a class to list S3 buckets and the objects they contain, as well as uploading, downloading and deleting objects from them.
  • SecretsManagerClient: a class to list, get, create, update, and delete secrets from the AWS secrets manager service.
  • SQSClient: a class to list and send messages to SQS queues.
  • SystemsManagerClient: a class to fetch parameters from the AWS Systems Manager Service.
  • SignatureV4: a class to sign and pre-sign requests to AWS services using the Signature V4 algorithm.
  • AWSConfig: a class is used by each client classes to provide them access to AWS credentials as well as configuration.

⭐️ Source code available on GitHub. Please request features and report bugs through GitHub issues.

This library is in active development

This library is stable enough to be useful, but pay attention to the new versions released on and k6-jslib-aws/releases.

This documentation is for the last version only. If you discover that some code below does not work, it most likely means that you are using an older version.


AWSConfigClass to configure AWS client classes.
EventBridgeClient class to interact with AWS EventBridge service.
KMSClientClient class to interact with AWS Key Management Service.
S3ClientClient class to interact with AWS S3 buckets and objects.
SecretsManagerClient class to interact with AWS secrets stored in Secrets Manager.
SignatureV4Class to sign and pre-sign requests to AWS services.
SQSClientClient class to interact with AWS Simple Queue Service.
SystemsManagerClientClient class to interact with AWS Systems Manager Service.