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Introducing Grafana k6 Cloud for Education, a free program to help teach performance testing

Pepe Cano


The k6 Cloud for Education Program is no longer available. To learn more about other ways to get involved with Grafana k6, visit our community page.

Grafana k6 is our open source tool to help you ship reliable applications by doing performance testing in a modern and developer-friendly way.

Performance testing is still unknown to many, but it is not a new topic. In fact, performance testing courses are everywhere — even at colleges and universities.

One of our passions is to educate others on the best practices of performance testing, working together with the k6 community. We know that preparing a course requires significant effort and setting up the proper environment for the participants creates considerable overhead! Hence, to help educators teach performance testing, we’ve launched Grafana k6 Cloud for Education.


k6 cloud for education small


The new education program provides a free k6 Cloud subscription for community members who give courses and workshops about k6 to students or their peers. The usage of this subscription is limited to educational purposes while preparing and conducting the course.

For teachers and participants, access to a k6 Cloud account can help:

  • manage the testing infrastructure effortlessly
  • interpret performance results easily
  • organize groups and track progress
  • and much more

Sign up for the k6 Cloud for Education program

First, we’ll need to validate that the usage is for educational purposes. Head over to the Grafana k6 Cloud for Education page, click the Apply Now button, and submit the form with your request.

Once we have reviewed and confirmed your information, we’ll activate the subscription for your organization. You can then run cloud tests to prepare your course material.


k6 cloud comparison mode


If you want your participants to access your performance testing results and run cloud tests, add them as members of your organization. Simply collect their emails and invite them just before the course starts!

What’s next?

Grafana Labs and k6 share in our commitment to empower our users by supporting the systems and projects they need to succeed, and education is a critical element for our thriving communities.

Currently, we are working to prepare a complete Grafana k6 workshop for the community. The k6 workshop will provide educators with examples of how to teach performance testing with k6 and the best practices for using the tool. Our goal is for attendees to quickly gain hands-on experience. Stay tuned!

And if you want to learn more about observability, check out Grafana University, a formal — and free! — education program to provide structured and repeatable learning experiences. The virtual learning materials are available on Grafana Cloud, where you can consume online courses at your own pace and build a solid foundation in observability. (Don’t have a Grafana Cloud account? Sign up for free now.)

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