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Meet k6 Champion Marlo Henrique

Marie Cruz

Our k6 Champion program keeps growing and growing! We’ve accepted more amazing contributors. One of them is Marlo Henrique, a QA Engineer from Brazil. Marlo caught our eye because he’s written many articles and even created a high-rated course dedicated to k6. As a k6 Champion, Marlo will help us spread more word and advocacy about k6 in the Brazilian market and beyond.

Now, let’s get to know him more!

Marlo Henrique

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Marlo Henrique, and I am a resident of Brazil. I have a degree in Software Engineering from the Federal University of Ceará, and I currently work as a QA Engineer at Zup Innovation.

I am constantly seeking new solutions to improve the quality and reliability of our products. Additionally, I enjoy sharing and disseminating this newfound knowledge with the teams I am a part of and the wider community.

What do you do outside of work?

I am passionate about the sea, and whenever possible, I am at the nearest beach, enjoying the breeze and the wonderful sun of my state. I also value the tranquility of my home, where I can read articles, watch good series, or even play some Overwatch. As a hobby, I have been venturing into creating bots for Telegram and web scraping during my free time.

What made you decide to become a k6 Champion?

When I performed my first proof of concept with k6, I immediately noticed some characteristics that set the tool apart from other solutions available in the market. This motivated me to quickly initiate a movement to adopt k6, including seeking to make it one of the official tools of the largest bank in Latin America for performance testing.

I identified the need to become an enthusiastic advocate for k6 to drive this evangelization movement of the tool and share learnings and knowledge, aiming to go beyond the Brazilian market. I see a great need to break the paradigm created by other solutions that performance testing is complicated.

How are you currently helping the k6 community?

I have a course on Udemy titled Performance Testing with k6 that has over 400 students and received the highest rating for the topic.

In addition, I have been dedicated to writing articles in Portuguese on my pages on and Medium. Some of the articles I have written include:

What do you love about k6?

It’s challenging to list so many points, but the main ones are:

What’s your most favorite k6 feature?

Without a doubt, it’s the stages. The simplicity they provide in configuring different scenarios through Ramping VUs is incredible.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a k6 Champion?

The community is full of opportunities to make the tool even better. Don’t hesitate! Every new piece of knowledge, suggestion, or idea is important. Come be a part of something even bigger. 💜

About the k6 Champions Program

The k6 Champions Program aims to recognise performance testing experts within our community from across the globe and amplify their contributions. To learn more about this program, check out our launch blog post or visit our official k6 Champions Program landing page.

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