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Companies change for the better with k6

Teams of all sizes switched to k6, and they aren't going back anytime soon.

k6 is a great framework that's really enabled us to move quickly with load/performance testing. k6 Cloud has been a major upgrade in comparison to previous testing service — total test runs, quick and helpful responses to our support inquiries, good visualization of test results, active k6 community.

We can develop very dinamic scenarios with all the logic and customized metrics that one can think of. The k6 open source platform is quite straightforward and its configuration are fairly easy to implement in our scripts. Running scalable tests locally or using the cloud support is a breeze. k6 Cloud provides us with great knowledge and real-time graph to analyze every detail our projects' performance trends.

Switching from Azure load testing?

Azure load testingk6 Cloud
Load test type.loadtest.js (k6)
Session recorderWebtest recorder and HARBrowser extension and HAR
URL based testConvert jmx to k6
Run JMeter tests
Run local load tests
Run cloud load tests
Configure load options
Schedule test execution
Web-based experience
Test result visualizationSee more
Compare test resultsSee more
Export resultsSee more
Teams and ProjectsSee more
CLI integrationazure PowerShellk6 CLI
Visual Studio integrationk6 CLI
CI/CD Integration

k6 can integrate with the tools you rely on every day

Microsoft Teams

Customize channel notifications to keep your team informed of performance issues.

Azure Active Directory

Single sign-on to grant access to your performance projects.

Azure Pipelines

Schedule and automate the execution of your tests using Azure Pipelines.

Trusted and loved by more than 6000 companies for performance testing, including:


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