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How It Works

Same script for local and cloud tests

Built for teams


  • The k6 API and CLI are easy-to-use, flexible and powerful.

  • Write tests in Javascript that mimic real-world scenarios.

DevOps & SREs

  • Automate your tests to ensure that your infrastructure and application remain performant.

  • Configure SLOs in your k6 script to test the health of your services.

Software Testers & QAs

  • Create tests faster with our browser recorder and converters (JMeter, Postman, Swagger).

  • Extensive documentation, awesome community and first class support.

Powerful Scripting

No XML. No DSL. Just familiar scripting with ES6 JS

1import http from 'k6/http';
2import {check, sleep} from 'k6';
4export default function() {
5 const data = {username: 'username', password: 'password'};
6 let res ='', data);
7 check(res, { 'success login': (r) => r.status === 200 });
8 sleep(0.3);


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What our users are saying

@k6_io I love you ❤️ this is the second time you helped us track down a nasty bug in @grafana that only happens under heavy load. Thank you for a great tool! Btw I've heard our offices are close by, we should definitely meet up sometime...

Toying around with @k6_io tonight. Pretty impressed with how easy it is to set up (yay @Docker!) and to start building test scripts. Some early results:

So @k6_io is probably my new favourite tool. Super quick to get set up and running load tests 😻

personally using @k6_io and its has helped us quite a lot already. Definitely worth adding to your testing pipeline.

Just discovered @k6_io very nice and simple tool for load testing

Lately I have been using @k6_io for performance testing the RESTful APIs we build and I simply fell in love with it. It so simple and easy to use, i highly recommend it!!

Loving @k6_io for integrating perf tests into @AzureDevOps pipelines. Great documentation, easy to use..

I've been tinkering with load testing recently and discovered @loadimpact. I'm absolutely loving it! I got up and running in minutes. Its UI is intuitive, and being based on JS makes it a breeze to start writing tests. That's not even mentioning the amazing open source k6! 😍

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