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⚠️ This is the archived documentation for k6 v0.46. Go to the latest version.

Client.sismember(key, member)

Returns if member is a member of the set stored at key.


keystringkey holding the set to check if the member is a member of.
memberstring, number, or booleanmember to check if is a member of the set.


TypeResolves withRejected when
Promise<boolean>On success, the promise resolves with true if the element is a member of the set, false otherwise.


import redis from 'k6/experimental/redis';
// Get the redis instance(s) address and password from the environment
const redis_addrs = __ENV.REDIS_ADDRS || '';
const redis_password = __ENV.REDIS_PASSWORD || '';
// Instantiate a new redis client
const redisClient = new redis.Client({
addrs: redis_addrs.split(',') || new Array('localhost:6379'), // in the form of 'host:port', separated by commas
password: redis_password,
export default async function () {
await redisClient.sadd('myset', 'foo');
await redisClient.sadd('myset', 'bar');
const isit = await redisClient.sismember('myset', 'foo');
if (isit === false) {
throw new Error('sismember should have returned true');