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injectHTTPFaults injects HTTP faults in the requests served by a target Service.

faultdescription of the http faults to be injected
durationduration of the disruption in seconds
optionsoptions that control the injection of the fault


The injection of the fault is controlled by the following options:

proxyPortport the agent will use to listen for requests in the target pods ( default 8080)
ifacenetwork interface where the agent will capture the traffic ( default eth0)

When injecting faults you may find the following error message during the test execution:

WARN[0035] Request Failed error="read tcp> read: connection reset by peer".

This is normal and means that one request was "in transit" at the time the faults were injected causing the request to fail due to a network connection reset.


const fault = {
averageDelay: 50,
errorCode: 500,
errorRate: 0.1
disruptor.injectHTTPFaults(fault, 30)