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The ServiceDisruptor class can inject different types of faults into the pods that back a Kubernetes service.

To construct a ServiceDisruptor, use the ServiceDisruptor() constructor.


ServiceDisruptor.injectGrpcFaults()Inject gRPC faults in the target Pods
ServiceDisruptor.injectHTTPFaults()Inject HTTTP faults in the target Pods


The following example:

  • Creates a disruptor for the nginx service
  • Injects a delay of 100ms and a 10 percent of requests that return an http response code 500.
import { ServiceDisruptor } from 'k6/x/disruptor';
const fault = {
averageDelay: '100ms',
errorRate: 0.1,
errorCode: 500,
export default function () {
const disruptor = new ServiceDisruptor('nginx', 'default');
disruptor.injectHTTPFaults(fault, '30s');

You can test this script by creating first a pod running nginx and exposing it as a service with the commands below, assuming you have kubectl installed in your environment:

> kubectl run nginx --image=nginx
> kubectl expose pod nginx --port 80

You can also use the xk6-kubernetes extension for creating these resources from your test script.