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⚠️ This documentation is outdated. Please visit for the latest k6 documentation.📚

The PodDisruptor() constructor creates a new instance of a PodDisruptor class.

selectorobjectcriteria for selecting the target pods
options (optional)objectoptions for controlling the behavior of the disruptor


The selector defines the criteria a pod must satisfy to be a valid target:

namespacestringnamespace the selector will look for pods
selectobjectattributes that a pod must match to be selected
excludeobjectattributes that exclude a pod (even if it matches the select attributes)

You can use the following attributes to select or exclude pods:

Pod attributes

labelsobjectmap with the labels to be matched for selection or exclusion


The options control the creation and behavior of the PodDisruptor:

injectTimeoutstringmaximum time to wait for the disruptor to be ready in the target pods (default 30s)


const selector = {
namespace: "my-namespace",
select: {
labels: {
app: "my-app"
const podDisruptor = new PodDisruptor(selector)