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Gauge (k6/metrics)

Gauge is an object for representing a custom metric holding only the latest value added. It is one of the four custom metrics.

Parameter Type Description
name string The name of the custom metric.
isTime boolean A boolean indicating whether the values added to the metric are time values or just untyped values.
Method Description
Gauge.add(value, [tags]) Add a value to the gauge metric. Only the latest value added will be kept.

Gauge usage in Thresholds

When gauge is used in a threshold expression, the variable must be called value (lower case). For example:

  • value < 200
  • value > 1


import { Gauge } from 'k6/metrics';

var myGauge = new Gauge('my_gauge');

export default function() {
  myGauge.add(2, { tag1: 'value', tag2: 'value2' });
import http from "k6/http"; 
import { sleep } from 'k6';
import { Gauge } from "k6/metrics";

let GaugeContentSize = new Gauge("ContentSize");

export let options = { 
  thresholds: { 
    "ContentSize": ["value<4000"], 

export default function() { 
  let res = http.get("");