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The metrics module provides functionality to create custom metrics of various types. All metrics (both the built-in ones and the custom ones) have a type. There are four different metrics types, and they are: Counter, Gauge, Rate and Trend.

All values added to a custom metric can optionally be tagged which can be very useful when analysing the results after a test run.

Metric type Description
Counter A metric that cumulatively sums added values.
Gauge A metric that stores the min, max and last values added to it.
Rate A metric that tracks the percentage of added values that are non-zero.
Trend A metric that allows for calculating statistics on the added values (min, max, average and percentiles).


import { Counter, Gauge, Rate, Trend } from 'k6/metrics';
import { check } from 'k6';

var myCounter = new Counter('my_counter');
var myGauge = new Gauge('my_gauge');
var myRate = new Rate('my_rate');
var myTrend = new Trend('my_trend');

export default function() {
  myCounter.add(2, { tag1: 'myValue', tag2: 'myValue2' });

  myGauge.add(456, { tag1: 'myValue', tag2: 'myValue2' });

  myRate.add(false, { tag1: 'value', tag2: 'value2' });

  myTrend.add(2, { tag1: 'value', tag2: 'value2' });