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toBeBetween(from, to)


expect.js library is no longer maintained

expect.js library has been deprecated in favor of Chaijs.

Please migrate to the k6Chaijs library. The documentation below is retained for historical reasons.

toBeBetween(from, to) is a comparison function that evaluates to true or false. It must be called in the chain after the t.expect(value) or .and(value).

toBeBetween(from, to) is equivalent to value >= from && value <= to

When toBeBetween(from, to) evaluates to false, the chain is broken, and the test case is marked as failed. When the chain is broken, further checks inside of the test are omitted.

fromNumberBeginning of the range (inclusive)
toNumberEnd of the range (inclusive)


FunkFunk object


import { describe } from '';
import http from 'k6/http';
export default function testSuite() {
describe('Basic API test', (t) => {
const response = http.get('');
t.expect(response.status).as('response status').toBeBetween(200, 299);

When you run this test with k6 run mytest.js the result should look similar to this:

█ Basic API test
✓ response status is between 200 - 299