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KMSClient.* methods querying Key Management Service keys return some KMSKey instances. Namely, listKeys() returns an array of KMSKey objects. The KMSKey object describes an Amazon Key Management Service key.

KMSKey.keyIdstringUnique identifier of the key
KMSKey.keyArnstringARN of the key


import exec from 'k6/execution';
import { AWSConfig, KMSClient } from '';
const awsConfig = new AWSConfig({
region: __ENV.AWS_REGION,
const kms = new KMSClient(awsConfig);
const testKeyId = 'e67f95-4c047567-4-a0b7-62f7ce8ec8f48';
export default async function () {
// List the KMS keys the AWS authentication configuration
// gives us access to.
const keys = await kms.listKeys();
// If our test key does not exist, abort the execution.
if (keys.filter((b) => b.keyId === testKeyId).length == 0) {