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Meet Backend Engineer Llandy Riveron Del Risco

Floor Drees

    We're excited to welcome Llandy to the team. Llandy was born in Cuba and moved to San Marino when he was 3 years old. Recently however, he bought a house near Rome, so he'll be commuting between the two places!

    Llandy describes himself as "sometimes being too honest". He warned us that while he may be a little shy at first, the more he gets to know people there's a real possibility that he won't shut up. We're HERE for it!

    What made you join k6 / Grafana Labs?

    The values are the first thing that made me intrigued about the company, I feel like they resonated with me. Especially the "Helping each other thrive" is something that I value a lot, as I really love helping people.

    The interview process was stellar, with every step I met great people. An important factor in considering accepting this position. Last but not least, the ability to work with problems at scale in a friendly environment is just wonderful.

    I also like the logo!

    What's your background?

    I've always been mainly a backend developer working with Python. I like learning new languages but I always find myself going back to it. I love the complexities that arise from scaling systems and all the problems that are born trying to solve those: the tooling and automating about anything.

    I particularly enjoy working on problems about performance or memory leaks, diving deeper on how things works and touching those parts is always fascinating. At times it's hard to put a limit on how deep you should study how something works for solving a specific problem.

    I also enjoy delving into DevOps topics, such as automating and optimizing workflows.

    What are your interests outside of work?

    My hobbies are learning/studying about technology (most recently I'm enjoying learning Rust! 🦀), playing games, watching movies, listening to music and I'm trying to try as many things a possible. And I have a couple of birds!


    What will you be responsible for / what do you intend to tackle first at k6?

    I might spend too much time personalizing my dev environment, the last time a guide was born because of it (Sway on Ubuntu) and I fear, since for this new adventure I will be trying out a Mac, that a new one might be created and countless hours will be spent on that wonderful journey.

    Do you slice your pizza with a pizza cutter or scissors?

    I order it sliced. (A very diplomatic answer, as this is the topic of hot debate at k6).

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