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Meet Developer Advocate Leandro Melendez

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    We're excited to have Leandro Melendez join our Developer Relations team! Leandro (better known by his stage name Señor Performo), has almost 20 years of experience in the IT business under his belt, in roles ranging from Developer, DBA, and Project Manager.

    The last 10 years he has focused on the QA area, more especifically on performance and load testing. Leandro keeps a performance testing blog called SeñorPerformo and hosts the PerfBytes podcast Spanish version.


    What made you join k6 / Grafana Labs?

    Oh man, there are so many reasons. But for one, Grafana is a tool that I used previously for work and in personal projects. It's a great tool and I can appreciate the philosophy of the company. There is the synergy that I noticed once k6 was acquired. As a load testing tool they felt like an awesome match. The fact that I am given the opportunity to contribute by creating content is just great!

    What's your background?

    I studied computer science, and started in development right away. In the 10 years that followed I worked in any area where I could learn and grow, like IT Networking, DBA tasks, Analyst, Computer Assembly, Production Lines, Project Management, and others. With all that I ended up as an Account Manager for an IT firm managing several accounts and helping with PMP tasks. That was until the testing trade got me.

    For the last 10 (or so) years now, I'm a tester. A performance tester. Traveling all over the world for performance projects with a diverse set of clients.

    After feeling that my skills were up to the challenge, I started to blog about performance testing, then moved on to public speaking, got invited to host a performance testing podcast (where I started learning sound engineering), started a YouTube channel (same learning but with video production topics), and recently I wrote a book about load testing projects. And I hope it's the first of many!

    What are your interests (outside of work)?

    I love to read! I almost religiously dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to any recommended book. Any book! Non fiction, SciFi (my favorite), tech, and anything that has a good rating.

    I am a movie buff. Used to love to go to the movies at least once a week. Love to analyze the stories, dissect the acts, characters, photography, and settings.

    I do some long term investing, valuing companies and checking for good times to buy when I like the stock and the price is under my value calculations. It is very entertaining to me.

    I used to be a gamer, even won several competitions on Street Fighter 2. But I don't have much time for that anymore. Just a few times per week we play some Borderlands 3 at home, and any other local co-op we can find.

    Not that often anymore, but when I get inspired I like to draw, paint, play some music, sing, read comics, and creative stuff. I am a karaoke enthusiast.

    What are you looking forward to as part of joining the team?

    I just can't wait to work with the awesome team, the people that I already know and the rest of the awesome people that I have not yet met. Not to mention to bring as much as possible from my skills and to polish them and keep creating awesome things!

    As well, since the moment that I decided to join the team, lots of ideas have been boiling in my mind. I cannot wait to bring them on to the team… And must admit, I have already shared a few.

    As I keep reading the values of the people in the team I get more excited and have the feeling that I will be meeting and working with lots of amazing people from whom I will learn and share lots of experiences!

    Eager to join a fast growing company? Have a look at our open positions and apply today!

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