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Meet Federico Tedin, Senior Backend Engineer

Floor Drees

    We're excited to welcome Federico Tedin to the team. Fede hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina, but now lives in Berlin, Germany (and he's improving his German).

    Federico Tedin

    What made you join k6 / Grafana Labs?

    For me, it was a combination of two things: first, knowing that the company centers itself around an Open Source project and then designs an enterprise product in addition to it. This allows users and developers to really understand how the product works before using it, as well as allowing them to potentially contribute to the project. And on the other hand, most of my professional experience has revolved around HTTP-based applications, so I believe load testing is quite a good area where I learn new things.

    What's your background?

    I studied Computer Engineering at university (though finding the equivalent name in English is not very straightforward) for about ~6 years and then worked at different places, such as a mobile video game company, and at the Argentine government.

    Python is the programming language I have had more experience with (in terms of hours dedicated). I have a bit of a focus on multi-threading, multiprocessing, and asyncio. I've used SQLAlchemy + Alembic quite a lot in the last years.

    I also have had experience professionally with Ruby, Java, C++ and C#. At university we learned Java (mostly), but also quite a lot of C, and some Smalltalk/Haskell. When I work on personal projects I use mostly Go, Emacs Lisp and C.

    I have some knowledge in concepts related to networking and operating systems design. But obviously there is always a lot more to learn. Lately I have become interested in how large software projects are built, and the best ways to structure them in order to prevent technical debt from appearing.

    My editor/IDE of choice is Emacs (+ Org mode, Magit, etc.), I have tried to learn how it works internally since I started using it, and managed to develop a tool for it (an HTTP client, like Postman, found here). I also managed to get some commits in the mainline Emacs code (releases 27 and 28), which I would like to do again in the future. If you have any questions about Emacs, or have found a clever new way of using it, let me know!

    What do you do outside of work?

    I try to go for a run every now and then, and play tennis a couple of times a month. I also quite enjoy playing ping-pong.

    I search for things to do every week in Berlin such as visiting a museum, going to an exhibition or concert. In summer, I quite enjoy visiting parks or lakes every weekend. Started getting into analogue photography recently. Currently have a Minolta X-700 that I take on trips (or randomly) for taking pictures. When it's possible to travel safely, I like visiting friends in Spain and England, or visit family in Argentina. Or also discovering new places of course!

    I am getting better at taking care of my plants in my apartment. Started with only one and now have twenty!

    Also been getting more into video games lately; mostly on my PC and on Xbox (playing Resident Evil 8, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Metro Exodus). I also enjoy the technical aspects of video games quite a lot.

    What will your first order of business be at k6?

    First off, learning how to use the products! And then, start learning how they work internally.

    Also, refresh my JavaScript knowledge!

    How do you slice your pizza? Pizza cutter or scissors?

    Neither! I use a steak knife, I always have one at hand in my kitchen and they can cut almost anything.

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