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Meet k6 Backend Lead Marko Pandurovic

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    Introducing out first boomerang employee: Marko Pandurovic left k6 for other adventures a little while back, and this month returns to lead one of our backend teams.

    Marko Pandurovic

    Marko works remotely, from Serbia. He was born and raised in Belgrade, and studied Software Engineering at the University of Belgrade.

    What made you join k6 / Grafana Labs?

    For a while now, k6 has had a very interesting and ambitious roadmap. Now that the Grafana acquisition went through a lot of possibilities have opened up, pushing k6 to become much more than it used to be. On top of that, building tools for other developers has always been a special kind of challenge and a very rewarding experience. You won’t be able to find that in too many other companies.

    What's your background?

    I started as a Java developer and experiemented with a lot of platforms/stacks/languages. Spring, Play, Scala, Android, AngularJS... just to name a few. More recently I worked with Python, JavaScript proper, Django, Node.js, and React.

    For the greater part of my career, I worked as a back-end developer but after I discovered React, it re-ignited my interest in frontend.

    Fun fact: I switched from medical school to engineering. I never regret that decision!

    What are your interests outside of work?

    I do quite a bit of coding outside of work. Then I love to travel. I enjoy sports, football and basketball. Used to play for fun, but I was pretty bad at both.

    I enjoy reading - mostly epic fantasy, sci-fi, horror - watching movies and series, and playing board games.

    What will you be responsible for at k6?

    As a Backend Lead, my primary goal is to help build an environment where everyone can enjoy what they do and see the impact their work has on the product. My main responsibilities would be to help the team plan and complete future projects, scale the platform and maintain the existing software.

    Last but not least, I’ll still be doing some development myself - after all, it’d be a pity to miss out on all the fun!

    What do you intend to tackle first?

    The entire engineering cohort in k6 is expanding rapidly, backend part included. This means we will have to adjust how the team is structured and organized to keep up with the growth so this might just be the first thing I’ll be involved with!

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