Updates & News 27 November 2018

Webinar: Automated Load Testing Results Analysis

John Emmitt


Automated results analysis makes it easier to interpret your load test results and speeds up the process of finding and fixing performance issues. Load Impact Insights Performance Alerts pinpoint performance issues in your system under test and highlight test script issues.

Learn about:

  • Smart Result Performance Alerts that alert you to performance issues in the system under test.
  • Test Health Performance Alerts that highlight test script issues
  • Checks and Thresholds for setting up pass/fails results for your load test
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  • Date & Time: November 28, 2018 @ 1:00pm EST

  • Speaker: Robin Gustafsson, CTO, Load Impact

  • Host:Mark Meier, Customer Success Lead, Load Impact

  • Performance Alert for High HTTP Failure Rate:


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