Updates & News 03 March 2021

The Craft of Open Source Podcast: Robin Gustafsson, k6


The Craft of Open Source is a podcast about the ins-and-outs of the Open Source Software Community. Ben Rometsch, CEO of Flagsmith, interviews every two weeks key contributors to open-source communities.

flagsmith podcast

Robin Gustafsson, k6 CEO, joined Ben to talk about open-source and how Load Impact transitioned from being a proprietary SaaS product to create a fast-growing open-source testing tool and a complementary SaaS product.

Ben and Robin cover a variety of topics in this episode:

  • the story behind k6.
  • the right language for the project.
  • the license choice.
  • the feature trade-offs between open-source and SaaS.
  • measuring the success of open-source projects.

And many more… press the play button and don’t forget to subscribe to The Craft of Open Source Podcast.

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