Updates & News 01 June 2020

Sunsetting LoadImpact v4

Robin Gustafsson, k6 CEO

As outlined in our rebranding announcement post from Feb 24th, today we're disabling access to v4 projects in the LoadImpact web app at app.loadimpact.com (v3 projects will continue to be available until Dec 31st, 2020). All v4 projects, tests, and test results will henceforth only be accessible from app.k6.io. The same login credentials are valid across the two web apps.

Rest assured, no data is going away, it's technically an older of two frontends being sunsetted. We've been listening extra carefully to customer and user feedback during these past 3 months to make sure there're no gaps in the features offered by the newer k6 Cloud web app.

LoadImpact and k6 Cloud frontends share the same cloud backend

For us as a company, this is a necessary step that will allow us to focus our resources on the product direction that is our future, k6 OSS + Cloud.

Since the rebranding launch in February we've added a whole bunch of new features to the k6 Cloud web app (not available in the LoadImpact web app):

  • New Test Builder features:
    • Grouping of requests
    • Thresholds support
  • New Browser Recorder features:
    • Firefox extension (besides Chrome)
    • Automatic detection and (optional) removal of third-party URLs
    • Automatic detection and (optional) removal of static asset URLs
  • New Notifications features:
    • Support for Microsoft Teams (besides Slack and Webhooks)
    • Support for fully customized webhook body
  • New Result Page features:
    • Per-metric tag filtering
    • Improved test comparison
  • New Authentication features:
    • SAML SSO with Okta
    • SAML SSO with Azure AD

We want to thank all of our customers and users that have given us invaluable product feedback since the launch of k6 Cloud. Thank you all, keep it coming! 🙌

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