Updates & News 31 August 2018

Recording - Performance testing for developers (Webinar)

Load Impact

As a developer, you are being asked to get more deeply involved in the software testing and QA process. Delivering high quality code means not only passing functional tests, but also performance tests. The user experience of your website, app or API is highly dependent on performance.

Web testing

Watch this webinar to learn how you can run performance tests as a developer using the open source load testing tool - k6. Guest speaker is Ragnar Lönn, the founder of Load Impact.

Learn about

  • Different types of performance tests
  • Virtual Users and Requests per Second
  • Execution modes-- Local and Cloud
  • Results analysis
  • Creating test scripts and more advanced considerations, such as:
    • "Think time”
    • Parallel thread execution (parallel requests)
    • Parameterization (e.g. for logins)

This webinar is presented by Mark Meier, Team lead Customer Success. Guest speaker is Ragnar Lönn, founder of Load Impact.

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