Updates & News 08 February 2018

Product Update - Feb 2018


A new year is upon us - and a lot is going on at Load Impact. We’ve just done this year’s first release for k6, with a lot of new fabulous features. For this version we’ve had contributions from 10 people outside of Load Impact, yay!

We know we’re super stoked about k6 and what’s coming ahead with our new k6 based cloud service. You as a registered user with our current cloud service, do not worry - we will have the current version of our cloud service available for a foreseeable future. On this service we offer a whole bunch of integrations and functions, that can make your life as a developer easier. Everything from API testing to automation with all of the well known CI platforms such as Jenkins, Circle CI, Teamcity etc. Check this article out, if you want to read up on some more around CI integrations.

Oh, and if you’re a customer and would like to join the early access program for the new k6 based product, we internally call it version 4 and introduction will start in the next few weeks, let us know by providing your email address in this simple form 👍

New k6 release

The first release of k6 2018 is already here, v0.19.0. Lots of goodies in this release on the march towards a v1.0:

  • HAR to JS converter: k6 now has a built in command k6 convert recording.har,to convert HAR files to JS. This is great for being able to quickly go from a browser/proxy recording to a k6 script. You can also deep dive into this article, describing the go-abouts of the HAR converter.
  • RPS limiter:A global request per second limiter has been added to k6. It will trigger if the RPS level goes above the set value, blocking further requests for a short period to maintain the desired level.
  • Logging in JSON format:You can now output logs in JSON format.
  • TLS handshaking metric:k6 will now measure TLS handshaking time. The metric is called http_req_tls_handshaking and is accessible in scripts as dres.timings.tls_handshaking.
  • HTML forms: New functionality has been added to make it easier to work with HTML form submissions. See the docs for more information.
  • HTML links: There is now an API to "click links” from an HTML page that matches a CSS selectors. See the docs for more information.
  • Gzip/Deflate: Automatic decompression of gzip and deflate encoded response bodies has now been added.

You will find all the added functions and bug fixes here

New user scenario Chrome Recorder release

We have done a new release of our Chrome Extension to record Lua user scenarios. The releases fixes a few bugs that have been identified and reported:

  • Bug fixed: In some cases the full body of request bodies was not recorded properly.
  • Bug fixed: Backslashes in URLs are now properly handled.

Load testing with Jenkins

We just want to highlight that Load Impact integrates nicely with Jenkins. To get started, try this sample of how to include our load testing in your Jenkins Pipeline setup. Go to guide

If you want to use Jenkins with k6, we have the guide here

What about support?

We have the most dedicated one!

Have a burning question or comment for us? Please let us know! We are proud to offer support to all levels of users. The support team can be reached a few different ways:

  1. In app using the "?” in the lower right corner
  2. By emailing support@loadimpact.com
  3. Using the live chat in the lower right corner of our knowledge base: https://support.loadimpact.com

Whether your question is about scripting, test configuration or analyzing results, we’d love to hear from you. Or maybe you just want to tell someone about something interesting you found during testing. We’d be happy to listen!

For k6 users, don’t forget that we have this awesome and active community in Slack!

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