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Meet k6 Champion José Wenceslao Castillo

Marie Cruz

We’re excited to introduce one of our first k6 champions, José Wenceslao Castillo, and put him in the spotlight. José (or Wen!) is a performance engineer at Globant. He maintains one of the Grafana dashboards to visualize k6 OSS results with InfluxDB.

José shares his knowledge with wider testing communities in Latin America, such as testing in Chile and Quality Sense Conference. He has evangelizes about k6 in talks such as Quality Summit

José Wenceslao Castillo
k6 Champion José Wenceslao Castillo

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am a Performance Engineer who evangelizes about Performance and Observability. I have experience in many roles, such as DevOps, full stack development, and sysadmin, to name a few. I also contribute a lot to open-source evangelism.

I am Venezuelan and a father of two kids(for now). I am a self-proclaimed nerd who is always curious about many topics. I am politically libertarian and try to follow a stoic philosophy in life.

What do you do outside of work?

I spend a lot of my free time with my daughters. I exercise, watch anime or read manga, and spend quality time with my partner.

What made you decide to become a k6 Champion?

I have been using k6, if I remember correctly, since version v0.23, which is a long time! At first, I was using it as just one of the tools in my testing toolbox. Then, I decided to specialize in performance testing about three years ago. So, I spent some time exploring what tools I knew. During this time, I found that k6 was like that best friend you never pay attention to but who gives everything to you. Then, when you finally see her for real, you fall in love with all its features. From this point on, that made me want to become a k6 champion.

How are you currently helping the k6 community?

Currently, I have been giving training on how to use k6 in Spanish both privately and publicly. This 2023, I have plans to spread my advocacy on a broader platform. I also clarify any technical doubts from the community in Spanish and am always open to collaborating and helping anyone.

José giving an online talk and demonstrating how to use k6
k6 Champion José presenting at Testing in Chile

What do you love about k6?

This is hard to answer because I love a lot of things about k6. What stands out the most is that k6 follows the KISS (Keep it Short and Simple) principle. You can get started quickly with k6.

What’s your favorite k6 feature?

I like all k6 features, but my favourite is the liberty of the metric outputs and the simplicity of the test scripts.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a k6 Champion?

My advice would be to use k6, learn how to use it, and teach people. You learn more about a tool or a topic when you also help others in their learning process.

About the k6 Champions Program

The k6 Champions Program aims to recognise performance testing experts within our community from across the globe and amplify their contributions. To learn more about this program, check out our launch blog post or visit our official k6 Champions Program landing page.

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