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Meet k6 Champion Jose Luis Latorre Millas

Marie Cruz

We’re excited to introduce one of our first k6 champions, Jose Luis Latorre Millas, and put him in the spotlight. Jose is an international speaker who works as a .NET engineer/architect developing Azure Cloud solutions focusing on performance, profiling, performance testing & software architecture. Currently, Jose works as Developer Community Lead and Software Architect at Swiss Life. Previously, he was also a Microsoft MVP (Most Valued Professional) for ten years, which means that he was awarded by Microsoft every year for his technological skills and contributions to the software development community. Now, that is pretty impressive!

Jose also spoke at one of our k6 Office Hours episodes, where he shared his thoughts on how well k6 and Azure work together. Let’s get to know Jose a bit more!

Jose Luis Latorre Millas
k6 Champion Jose Luis Latorre Millas

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am Jose, and I love learning and sharing knowledge! I love public speaking, and I have always wanted to become a proficient speaker, even though I associate myself with being an introvert!

What do you do outside of work?

I manage the .NET User Group of Zurich, a Zurich-based community focusing on Microsoft technologies that provide a knowledge-sharing platform accessible to all. I help arrange the next technical session for the group. Apart from this, I enjoy sports, specifically martial arts. I’m also fascinated by Japanese culture, and I love to learn!

What made you decide to become a k6 Champion?

I have always liked k6 as a tool. I learned how to use it and shared my learnings in a few sessions, which became popular. I’ve also interacted with the k6 team whenever I have questions in the community forum. One of their Developer Advocates, Nicole van der Hoeven, jumped in to help, which engaged me to learn more about k6. I found it fun, and I enjoyed the process of learning it. I also love to share my knowledge with the community because this makes me a better communicator and help improves both my personal and professional brand.

How are you currently helping the k6 community?

I’ve created the K6-MultiScenario-template that puts together everything I like from k6, and I have published it for free as an open-source project. I’ve also spoken at conferences such as All Day DevOps and NDC in Oslo, Norway, where I talked about Performance Testing From Zero to Hero with k6 & Azure. I also help the community by answering the k6 community slack channel questions.

Jose on stage at NDC Oslo conference, demonstrating his k6 multi scenario template project
k6 Champion Jose Luis presenting at NDC Oslo 2021

What do you love about k6?

I like k6 in general due to its performance, design, and ability to map actual life usage. It also enables me to do anything, depending on what my performance testing use case is, via different extensions. The k6 community, as well as the tool itself, is growing a lot!

Our Performance Advocate, Leandro Melendez, also managed to caught up with Jose during his holiday trip to Zurich! Check out the interview below to find out more what Jose loves about k6 and other reasons on why he joined the program.

What’s your favorite k6 feature?

The use of scenarios and executors together makes k6 shine! Specifically, my favorite is the Ramping Arrival Rate executor, where a variable number of iterations starts in specified periods.

I also love Bert, the mascot! - if we can call it a feature, which I’d say it is!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a k6 Champion?

Do it because you genuinely enjoy using k6 and you like the product. Primarily, it’s an outside work activity, so I make sure I have fun with it! Do it with passion, not because you want to be a champion. I believe liking/loving k6 and its people come first, and having fun closely after.

About the k6 Champions Program

The k6 Champions Program aims to recognise performance testing experts within our community from across the globe and amplify their contributions. To learn more about this program, check out our launch blog post or visit our official k6 Champions Program landing page.

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