Updates & News 30 May 2018

MAY 2018 - Product Update

We're happy to see continued contributions from members of the community in these releases, from 8 people outside of Load Impact. A big thanks to the following people for contributing to k6:

To see the current plan for the next release, check out this milestone, which we aim to make the v1.0 release! Have a look at our roadmap for what's up ahead, beyond the v1.0 release.


New features:

  • Lifecycle: setup/teardown functions
  • Thresholds: Support for aborting test early as soon as threshold is hit
  • Options: DNS override
  • HTTP: Request information available via response object
  • HTTP: Support for HTTP Digest Authentication
  • CLI: Add -e flag environment variable flag
  • CLI: HTTP debug flag
  • Several UX improvements, bug fixes and docs updates

See the full release notes for more details.


New features:

  • Test-wide tags: Complementing the already existing per-URL/custom metric/group tagging functionality
  • NTLM authentication support
  • InfluxDB output: Possibility to specify whether some tags should be stored as fields instead (performance optimization)
  • Setup/Teardown: Configurable timeouts
  • Apache Kafka output: New output "plugin" (aka collector) for sending metrics data to a Apache Kafka queue in InfluxDB line protocol or JSON format
  • Multiple outputs: Being able to use multiple metric outputs in one execution (for example JSON file+Insights or InfluxDB+Insights etc.)
  • Raw logging mode: To aid debugging of HTTP response bodies, good in combination with "quiet" mode (-q)
  • Several UX improvements, bug fixes and docs updates

See the full release notes for more details.

Results sharing is now supported in Load Impact Insights

Just like in the Lua based product you can now generate shareable URLs to your test results in Load Impact Insights.

insights share url step1

insights share url step2

Other improvements

  • Counter custom metrics: fixed issue with display of Counter custom metrics, the data is now properly shown as cumulative.
  • Trending: fixed bug that caused no more than 10 test runs to be displayed in the trending chart, up to 100 test runs are now included.

Cloud execution beta updates

  • Support for thresholds in cloud execution
  • There’s now a "k6 Script” tab in Insights for viewing the main script file for a cloud executed test

insights k6 script

  • Cloud executed tests can be aborted through the UI or the k6 CLI via Ctrl+C
  • Stability improvements: larger tests are now supported, up to 5000 VUs / 25k RPS

Webinar: Load testing with k6 and Load Impact Insights

Join our webinar: Website, App and API load testing with k6 and Load Impact Insights.

If you're involved in software development and/or testing of websites, apps or APIs, don't miss this webinar on load testing with k6 and Load Impact Insights. k6 is our new, open source load generator, available for download on GitHub (https://github.com/loadimpact/k6). Insights allows you to store and analyze your load test results from k6. Built in algorithms help automate result analysis to quickly uncover performance issues.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How to download k6 from GitHub
  • How to stream k6 results to Insights for analysis
  • High level overview of results analysis and performance alerts

Want to help us get even better?

We have launched a new portal for collecting product feature ideas as a way to centralize that type of feedback to get a better overview. If you would like to see a particular feature added to Load Impact head on over to our ideas portal to share your idea: https://loadimpact.ideas.aha.io/

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