Updates & News 20 March 2019

k6 v0.24.0 released


The latest release of k6 is...not v1.0, but an intermediate release preparing for some upcoming bigger changes that we want to get into k6 before we cut a v1.0 release. There are however some interesting additions, and bug fixes, in this release:

  • CLI: You can now specify a CLI flag --console-output (or K6_CONSOLE_OUTPUT environment variable) to redirect output from the console.log() family of APIs to a file. Thanks to @cheesedosa for this feature!

  • New results output: StatsD and Datadog. You can now output any metrics k6 collects to StatsD or Datadog by running k6 run --out statsd script.js or k6 run --out datadog script.js respectively. Thanks to @ivoreis for their work on this!

  • k6/crypto: random bytes method. This feature adds a method to return an array with a number of cryptographically random bytes.

    import crypto from 'k6/crypto';
    export default function () {
    const bytes = crypto.randomBytes(42);

    Thanks to @bookmoons for their work on this!

  • k6/crypto: add a binary output encoding to the crypto functions. Besides hex and base64, you can now also use binary as the encoding parameter for the k6 crypto hashing and HMAC functions.

  • Error codes: we’ve unified the handling of error codes. k6 will now emit an error_code tag in the metrics output (and expose a property with the same name on http.Response) when there’s an error in making a request.

See the release notes for full details of new additions and bug fixes.

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