Updates & News 18 April 2018

Release: k6 v0.20.0

Lots of goodies in this release! 🎉

We are working towards a 1.0 release of k6, and as part of this release we've also published our roadmap for 2018 in the Github wiki. We welcome comments and discussion relating to the roadmap, both in the corresponding issues as well as in Slack.

Once again we saw contributions from several members of the community in this release, from 9 people outside of Load Impact, woop woop! A big thanks to the following people for contributing to this release:

  • @antekresic
  • @cstyan
  • @cyberw
  • @danron
  • @dstpierre
  • @luizbafilho
  • @marklagendijk
  • @na--
  • @pkruhlei

Two of the above contributors have also become full time employees of Load Impact since the last release, to accelerate the development of k6. We welcome @luizbafilho and @na-- to the distributed k6 core team!

Here is a small outline of the releases that can be found in v0.20.0:

  • Lifecycle: setup/teardown functions (#457) Finally k6 has the same basic test lifecycle hooks as many "normal" testing tools, setup and teardown, and you have the full JS API of k6 available within these functions which means you can make HTTP calls etc. that you can’t do in the global/init scope.
  • Thresholds: Support for aborting test early as soon as threshold is hit (#508) This PR adds functionality to specify that a test run should abort the test as soon as a threshold evaluates to false, optionally with a delay in threshold evaluation to avoid aborting to early when the number of samples collected is low.
  • Options: DNS override (#494) Overriding DNS resolution of hostnames can come in handy when testing a system that is run in multiple environments (dev, staging, prod etc.) with different IP addresses but responds to the same Host header.

Read about all the new features added in the v0.20.0 release here

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