Updates & News 25 January 2019

Free Subscription for Open Source projects


Bert Loves OSS

Load Impact is proud to now offer a free premium subscription to qualifying Open Source projects.

If you are a core contributor or maintainer of an Open Source project, you may qualify to receive a free annual subscription of Load Impact's Cloud Execution and Insights products. The subscriptions offered are at Developer or Team level, whichever is more appropriate to your needs.

At Load Impact we develop and maintain our own open source projects. We also use various OSS tools and libraries. As strong believers in open source projects, we wanted to support them and the community even more. Providing these free subscriptions to our popular load testing and result analysis products allows those projects to get crucial testing done so they can focus on pushing high quality code, faster.

To apply for consideration for a free subscription, please tell us a little about your awesome project by submitting your information here. Even if you don't meet our requirements, we may still be able to work with you under another program!

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