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⚠️ This is the archived documentation for k6 v0.44. Go to the latest version.


BrowserContexts provide a way to operate multiple independent sessions, with separate pages, cache, and cookies. A default BrowserContext is created when a Browser is launched.

The Browser type is used to create a new BrowserContext.

If a page opens another page, e.g. with a call, the popup will belong to the parent page's BrowserContext.

BrowserContext.browser()Returns the Browser instance that this BrowserContext belongs to.
BrowserContext.addCookies()Adds cookies into the BrowserContext.
Clear the BrowserContext's cookies.
Clears all permission overrides for the BrowserContext.
BrowserContext.close()Close the BrowserContext and all its pages.
BrowserContext.grantPermissions(permissions[, options])Grants specified permissions to the BrowserContext.
BrowserContext.newPage()Uses the BrowserContext to create a new Page and returns it.
Returns a list of pages that belongs to the BrowserContext.
BrowserContext.setDefaultNavigationTimeout(timeout)Sets the default navigation timeout in milliseconds.
BrowserContext.setDefaultTimeout(timeout)Sets the default maximum timeout for all methods accepting a timeout option in milliseconds.
Sets the BrowserContext's geolocation.
BrowserContext.setOffline(offline)Toggles the BrowserContext's connectivity on/off.
BrowserContext.waitForEvent(event[, optionsOrPredicate])
Waits for the event to fire and passes its value into the predicate function.