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Great for solo developers and teams that run small scale cloud testing.

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  • Up to 100 virtual users
  • 600 test runs per year
  • 15 minute max duration
  • 1 test concurrency
  • 1 load zones
  • 1 month data retention

For larger engineering teams that perform more frequent load testing with higher levels of traffic.

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  • Up to 3000 virtual users
  • 1200 test runs per year
  • 60 minute max duration
  • 4 test concurrency
  • 10 load zones
  • 3 months data retention
Custom & Enterprise

For companies with higher testing requirements or larger traffic.

  • Starts at $25000/annually
  • Custom terms based on your organization's unique needs.
  • Based on usage in Virtual-user hours (VUh).
  • Custom invoicing and payment options. Security & compliance review.

Looking for larger tests?

Up to 10 000 virtual users
5 tests
$1 999
Up to 25 000 virtual users
5 tests
$3 499
Up to 50 000 virtual users
5 tests
$4 999
Up to 1 000 000 virtual users · Any number of tests to fit your project

Running large-scale tests requires having an active Pro plan

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Techical questions

Yes. We can assist your team with your performance testing projects. More details about our offering on Professional Services.

The number of VUs from each dedicated IP varies depending on the maximum number of VUs of the test. Contact support to estimate the number of dedicated IPs for your testing. More on Cloud IPs.

Tests aborted by a user will count against your limit. Tests that are aborted by the system are not counted against you.

Virtual Users, VUs, are the simulated clients we load onto your system. They load objects in parallel, just like a real browser would. To know how many you need for testing, apply this formula: VUs = (peak hourly_visits * avg. visit_duration in seconds) / 3600.

- VUs: Virtual Users: simulated virtual users or clients that concurrently generate load onto your system, given one or many scripted user scenarios.
- RPS: Requests Per Second: a measure of throughput as number of requests generated onto a system every second. See previous question for details on how to convert VUs to RPS.
- Clients/Test: An accumulated number of requests (or scenarios) generated throughout the runtime of a single test. k6 does not currently support this way of measuring scale and sizing of a test. We find the VU and RPS approaches are best.

Requests Per Second, RPS, measures the estimated throughput of load we will generate onto your system. RPS is an estimated calculation based on:
- Each virtual user is capable of generating multiple concurrent TCP connections when scripted using `http.request_batch.`
- For each Virtual User can generate 10 or more RPS.
Creating tests based on RPS is useful for load testing APIs.

Billing questions

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime you want during the subscription term. You will not be charged beyond the month you cancel for monthly subscriptions. Service will be retained at the subscribed level until the last day of the subscription term.

Yes. The k6 Cloud is a subscription based service. Your subscription will auto-renew at the end of the term unless you cancel. To check your current expiration/renewal date, please check the billing menu in app. The k6 Cloud Service does not offer refunds on subscriptions.

We offer variable rate subscriptions that allow you to run as many individual tests as you want - up to a certain load level. As your business grows, we'll automatically move you up to a higher load testing level. We can also create custom plans to match your test frequency and load volume needs. Please contact us for a quote.

Yes, we do offer a significant discount for non-profit organizations Contact us with a description of your needs and we will be happy to oblige.

Yes, you can upgrade at any time in app. We will prorate your current term against the new one when upgrading. If you wish to downgrade, simply choose the plan and it will start at the conclusion of your current term.

The easiest way to pay is by credit card while you are logged into the k6 app. You can also pay by wire transfer; please contact us to set this up.

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